As a royal commentator, film critic and former Editor of The International Who’s Who (1975-2001) I specialise in the following:-
  • Royal stories
  • Film reviews
  • Awards ceremonies: Oscars, Baftas, Globes
  • Obituaries
  • UK Honours System

TV Interviews 2004 onwards include:

BBC TV including News Channel

, King Charles Accession speech, Reviewing the papers (twice) News Channel 2022 etc.


Sky News

several Sky Australia appearances 2022.

Al Jazeera

, Computer generated artwork 2022 etc.

BBC World TV

, Meghan interview in The Cut. Global News, Canada Queen's Platinum Jubilee (preview), Andrew settlers civil case, Queen's health, Prince Philip's Memorial Service, Queen's birthday, Queen's Platinum Jubilee (ceremonial, round up of Jubilee events).



Channel 7 (Australia)

BBC Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine

LBC 2015